Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nineteeth Lesson

Taught lesson: Pivots.

Real lesson: If you push yourself, you will burn out. Your body does not respect your wish to practice pivots for three hours. You will fall asleep at work regardless of your desire to stay awake. You will get a headache regardless of your desire to be focused.

You will need to take a night off and sleep.

On Saturday, the milonga was so dead that I was able to have a private lesson practically on the dance floor, which was convenient for me even if it was a little disheartening to the host to have so much empty space. Can't be sure, but I might have danced an entire dance without a mistake. Two minutes, baby!

Sunday I went to an outdoor dance, which was actually beautiful once the sun went down; I ended up giving an informal lesson to three girls who have been coming for a few weeks now. They officially have the bug, and it's fun to be able to practice with people you like. However, they seem to think I know what I'm talking about, and that's terrifying. I will have to disabuse them of that notion as soon as possible.

That could have been accomplished, actually, had they come on Monday and watched me dance with a gentleman who is a fantastic dancer and acres out of my league. Oh, good times! If by "good times" you mean "shoot me".

Tuesday I woke up and knew I had had it. I skipped tango, went home, and fell asleep at 9:30. I am shamed.

On the other hand, I'm rested! So there's that. I had forgotten was sleep felt like.

Now, pivots.

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