Thursday, July 26, 2007

Alejandra y Sergio.

Recently I attended the New York Summer Tango & Film Festival; I wasn't going to say anything out of the ordinary about it, because while it's nice, it's not the kind of festival I would tell people to go out of their way for; I will be making the trip back if the rumors about the October festival are true (JULIO Y CORINA OMG), but otherwise New York can mind its own business.


I took a few classes with Alejandra Arrue & Sergio Natario. They taught intermediate/advanced level classes in vals, milonga lisa, milonga traspie (eee!), and musicality. I didn't catch them all, because I'm stupid and I sleep late, but they are some of the best classes I've ever had. They yell at you, they kick your feet into the correct position, they call the class "children". They've been dancing tango together for years -- 22 years? 23 years? I didn't catch it, I was busy trying to place my foot before they came over and kicked me again -- and it shows.

If you are in Seattle, or going to Seattle, TAKE A PRIVATE WITH THEM. For my sake, if not for your own. They are taskmasters, they are passionate, and they have given me things that will change the way I dance. If I had known, I would have taken two hours a day with them, and I am not even kidding. It would have been worth the money three times over. I've already been complimented on the way I hold my axis now, after two days of group class. *kicks self for not taking privates, envies anyone in Seattle right now*

Here's them dancing Morena, and you guys - you know that Julio and Corina are my SVF (Stalking Victims Forevah!), but Alejandra and Sergio might be creeping up on them. Seriously.

(This isn't the version I saw during the Black and White Ball, but still! Morena!)


caroline said...

what?! Julio and Corrina (or Corinna?) won't be in BsAs in October?? Noooooo....nonononononono.

La Planchadora said...

They might go right home after that? I don't know. All I know is that I'll be standing outside their hotel room with a boombox over my head. Say Anything-style.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Planchadora,
You have inspired me to try to get a private lesson while they are here in Seattle. Wish you were here.

Anonymous said...

Planchadora, you claim to be the grumpiest tanguera within earshot of a bandoneon, but you are SO hilarious! I just LOVE how you write. I'm humbled. Yours in Tango, Johanna.

Tina said...

And outside the classroom, they are very nice people. Mi Amor and I had a nice chat with them last night at the milonga - I think it will be a fun festival here in Seattle! Thanks for the review on their teaching style - I may just have to see about arranging a lesson.

La Tanguera said...


Thanks for the feedback on J&C in NYC... will definitely try to catch them... both in the US and here in BA!!!! And, thanks for the tip on Alejandra and Sergio... not anytime soon, but if I have a chance, will definitely take it!!


Elizabeth said...

O.K, after the Festival, and the performance, I have to say that at least at this event, they, Alejandra y Sergio, were truly amazing performers, but I would not take a workshop from them, or a private. The performance was stunning..

But, I ended up being inspired by Florencia Taccetti, so I went with that, so if I am going to take a private it will be with her if I can work it out. Did a small group workshop with her, and I will find her again if the stars line up. She had me at Hello. Jerry Maguire style.

Connie said...

I took two privates with Sergio and Alejandra in BA and loved them. They helped my dancing a lot and were wonderful and warm people. I hope they'll be in BA when I go again in October.