Saturday, July 28, 2007


IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DREAM. A beautiful, shiny, dangerously-pointy dream! A punched-leather, asymmetric, perfectly molded open-toe dream!

If this place isn't real, please don't tell me. I just want to sit back and imagine that if I'm a good girl, when I wake up tomorrow, my closet will look like this.

This coronary brought to you by this person, who I still like very much even though her pictures wouldn't blog and I had to fiddle for, like, twenty minutes to get that one picture to work.


La Tanguera said...


Please, please... where is this?????

La Planchadora said...


caroline said...

Is this a private collection? I once heard of a woman in new york who converted a room into a walk in closet just for her tango shoes. Can you say "Marcos"? ;)

Envious? me? Of course.

malbec said...

Given the previous pictures in her album I'd have to guess it's a photo of Tango Brujo, tienda de tango--though I can't confirm as their lovely website is on the operating table (don't waste 5 minutes on a flash presentation that ends in "coming soon" like I did). According to other sources they are a tango school that also sells tango shoes and clothing. VERY pretty photos.

Planchadora--I have to admit that I've been skulking around your blog for several months now without telling you how much I love it. Well I REALLY love it! So many of your posts are so funny and so so true. The first time (yes I've read it more than once) I read your review of The Tango Lesson I had to hold my nose to keep from snorting out loud in hilarity at work. Thank you for keeping me so amused and well informed about tango!

Tina said...

Get thee to Buenos Aires, at once!

tangobaby said...

It is Tango Brujo, Esmeralda 754. I went there to pick up a custom pair for a friend of mine. Their shoes are more classic and seem to be lower heels. Also more men's shoes.

I think the most beautiful selections are either NeoTango or Comme Il Faut.

Anonymous said...

Confirming it to indeed be Tango Brujo, an all-in-one (lessons, literature, jewelry, a plethora of outfits for your "she wore WHAT?!" category, and of course, shoes) emporium. And given your hyperventilating reaction to heels, you many drool right over the world's most comfortable practice sneakers. (Do they still call them sneakers?)