Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Because I'm a giver.

In case you actually read this blog (waves to three people), I wanted to point out the sidebar action I've got going. There's been enough navel-gazing on this blog, and I have been totally remiss in getting anyone else interested in tango. And so, behold! Links!

There are headings for upcoming tango events, cities with active tango calendars (and Web communities), websites for tango dancers and musicians, and additional tango resources. Have a look around; it's good stuff.

If you know of any upcoming tango events in your city, or want to know about any, drop me a comment. If I haven't heard of anything, I'll ferret out some information; anyone who wants to dance should be dancing!


Tanguero Chino said...

Hola planchadora, I'm sure there are a few people following your blog. I can't even remember how I found it. I think I did a search for tango in blogger and it showed up.

Now that I've danced for a few years, it's great to hear the views from someone who is just getting into Tango. I really enjoy your writing.

Still trying to figure out where you are located. Washington, DC?

La Planchadora said...

Hi, Tanguero! Glad you're enjoying the blog!