Friday, September 29, 2006

I swear the shoes help.

I will soon be recieving this pair of tango shoes.

No, I won't fall down in them. No, really, I'll be fine. WHAT? Stop looking at me like that! I said I'm fine!

It's sad that shoes like these actually do help keep balance; you'd fall out of regular shoes, and the heel helps you keep correct foot position so you don't roll out. They also have footbeds designed for pivots. You can snap your ankle on a pivot if your foot gets stuck - I cringe just thinking about it.

I wore through my first pair of tango heels in a little more than a month; you can see on the footbed the exact placement of all my toes within the shoe, where the suede has been worn down to nothing and the sole is so glossy it reflects light. From Jupiter. Seriously, these puppies are well-worn.

From there I got my sparkly blue shoes as a gift, and they're absolutely amazing shoes - they kill if you're walking forwards, but walking backwards is easier than breathing. Much harder than breathing is doing an ocho cortado without slicing off a toe.

These shoes won't help my slicing problem. I'm pretty sure that shoe is even more open than my current shoes, which means I'm going to have to either get better or tip these puppies with a little steel.

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