Monday, January 22, 2007

Videos of the Week - Chicho, Amsterdam Milonga

I'm putting these two videos in the same post because I think it's an interesting juxatposition of performance tango against social tango.

In this first clip, Chicho Fromboli cuts up the floor. It's beautiful to watch, and he gets a whole stage on which to show off his moves.

This clip is from a milonga in Amsterdam. There is some Chicho influence on some of the moves here, but obviously toned down for dancing socially without slicing somebody's knee off. Just as interesting to me as Chicho, actually.

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Caroline said...

Unfortunately some women do dance like that in the first video - kicking up their heels, that is. I was glad to be wearing jeans at the Practica otherwise there would be slash marks down the back of my calves and ankles from being navigated into other women's heels. Floorcraft is sadly underrated. There was one couple that was practing the whole throwing the woman up in the air with her stilettos flailing out before she landed sitting on his knee - on a crowded floor. If there were cats and squirrels and deer around, they would be running for cover in utter fear. Me? I asked my partner to dance me to the other side of the room. As quickly as possible.