Monday, January 29, 2007

Technique. Haha! Ha. Ha.

Last week I had a follower's technique private lesson. I felt it would be a good investment, since it's hard to get a lot of technique attention in a group class. Group classes are for trying not to get stepped on. Privates are for that "hold your foot fifteen degrees to the right" level of critique.

The day of the lesson I got excited and put on my nice 4" stilettos and decided that I would pay attention and totally internalize everything I was told. Instead, I spent an hour trying not to fall over.

At least I internalized my teacher's look of dismay. Close enough!

I'm happy to have had the lesson, though - my focus on technique should be increasing now that I'm a little more comfortable in social dance. (I used to get cold sweats wondering, 'Can I?' Now it's more, 'Can I keep my weight on my instep?' with brief periods of WHAT IS HE DOING SACADA GAAAAH.)

The one thing I did right, apparently, is to wear the heels. Good investment there! Go me!


miss tango in her eyes said...

Save your 4 inches for the dance floor. For lessons, ballet or jazz slippers are best. This seems to be the recommendation from all the Tango teachers I have studied with lately.

TangoSpam said...

Are you serious that you spent the hour trying not to fall over? 4" heels are great once you have your own balance and axis. If you wear them before it is impossible to keep your weight on your metatarsal. Whatever...your probably don't want to hear this anyway.

La Planchadora said...

miss tango: for group classes I always wear flats, I promise - to protect my toes as much as anything else!

tangospam: tango advice from you is always welcome, of course, but please take everything in this blog with tongue in cheek! While I couldn't do all the adornos with the weightless poise I'm trying to achieve, it was definitely one of the most productive hours I've spent working on tango, and I didn't actually fall. If I had, there's no way I'd blog about it! ;)