Monday, June 18, 2007


When my feet hurt before I started tango, it was an annoyance. I hobbled around for a day or so until everything got better, or until it didn't get better and I just decided to use the powers of my aching metatarsals to tell people when it was going to rain. No fix, no problem. If I could walk from my desk to the fridge, I was still fine.

This weekend I danced on a suboptimal dance floor that made pivoting difficult; the leaders, not noticing or not caring, lead exactly the ochos and giros they would have led if we had been dancing on ice. I had been so starved out from two tangoless weeks that I didn't care, and when I danced I threw my heart and my feet into it. My embellishments scraped the floor like nails; my shoes laid rubber when I turned.

Two days later, my right foot is still killing me, and I'm walking carefully around the house, insoles shoved into a pair of bedroom slippers, annoyed that I might be another two weeks without tango, quietly terrified that I've done something to my foot that can't be fixed.

I sit at my desk and bend my foot this way and that way, slowly, ignoring the painful pull. This has not happened. This will not happen.

My bones scrape against one another.

I look at my shoes.


caroline said...

Oh, no.
same thing happened to me last summer except it was with my knees. Pivoting on concrete is murder for the joints.
I hope your feet are feeiing better now. We have a date to milonga together so you'd better get better. ;)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you try wearing Crocs away from the dance floor? My feet usually kill after an intensive weekend of dancing and any shoe on Monday morning hurts my feet. Crocs are not only comfortable, they actually make my feet feel better after I wear them.

I know Crocs are on the opposite end of the fashion spectrum (i.e. butt ugly) from Comme Il Fauts but still better than foot surgery.

Hope you feel better soon

Tina said...

I'm praying for your feet. :-)