Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Lazyversary!

I've been dancing tango for more than a year. For exactly five days more than a year, because I was too damn lazy to update on the one-year mark. Oh, the passion I bring to the dance!

...makes me tired and so I sleep through whole days of blogging opportunities? Something like that.

A year ago, I danced around a little and knew immediately that I sucked.

Today, I think I suck even more than I did when I started, because that first day I had nothing to lose, and now I know how far I will have to go to be a real tango dancer in my own eyes. (Other people's expectations of me have not been factored into this post. To document outside pressure on my dancing is the last thing I need.)

I have improvements to make, but publically cataloging your list of things to work on is pointless and indulgent. If you are not good enough, then get better.

So, I plan to get better.

Ideally, I will make it to Buenos Aires this year and get verbally abused by disapproving Argentines whom I have paid to abuse me in the hopes that I will improve. (Probably because my sobbing tears will have make the floor slippery so my steps are nice and long.)

Hopefully, the verbal abuse by the Argentines will only be in the classroom and not so much on the dance floor, because man, would THAT be awkward.

Plus, I will buy about 85 pairs of tango shoes, because that's pretty much the only thing to do until the afternoon milonga starts! Well, that and eat alfajores, but man, that's the last thing I need. At least tango shoes have no calories.

Until this hypothetical trip takes place, however, I will just be dancing, and planning to get better.

...any day now.


La Tanguera said...

Hey, Congrats!!! Enjoy BAs!!


Frances Rusita said...

Happy Anniversary, Planchadora. You are awsome!I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.
Having my first tango anniversary next month, meself.

tangospeak said...

Woo hoo! So what are you going to do for your one year anniversary?

miss tango in her eyes said...

Don´t worry BsAs isn´t that scary...nor have any of the teachers I have taken lessons from been verbally abusive.

Happy Anniversary!

Elizabeth said...

Dear Planchadora,
I get such a kick out of your blog.
I am honoring your anniversary by linking you to my art/tango blog, that way my friends can share in the fun.
Thank You,
elizabeth brinton

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary Planchadora. May the next year be filled with beautiful tandas with your favorite partners. I am honoring this event by linking you to my blog about art/tango. Thanks for the fun.


Tina said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

As for expectations, MY only expectation is that you keep dancing, have fun doing it, and buy 85 pairs of shoes in BsAs and yes, that you definitely eat lots of alfajores.