Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Video and Grumpness Digest.

I had a big long entry I was going to post about the difference between leading and leaders, but I'm sitting on it for the moment because it's a little grumpy even for me.

I have to remember sometimes that very few people are taking tango as seriously as I take it, so when they see a bad leader they think, "Man, he sucks," and go on with their day. Meanwhile, I feel physically pained that the guy is corrupting the dance with his awfulness and have to resist the urge to immediately eliminate him from the dance pool. Perforado, bitches!

I'm getting all worked up just thinking about it. *takes a deep breath*

Tango was supposed to be my therapy, not drive me to it. Hahahah WHOOPS.

In the meantime, enjoy Samantha Dispari and Andres Moreno as they prove that they are way better than you.


Anonymous said...

As a female leader, I share your pain. Dancing with men who are worse leaders than I am isn't particularly fun. I don't mean in terms of fancy vocabulary or adornments either, but in embrace-quality and being able to walk and lead ochos. If a non-beginner guy can't lead a nice, or at least decent, walk, a little bit of me dies inside.

caroline said...

I watched that video last night - and sighed. What a remarkable dancer for such a young age - I can't get over that.

La Tanguera said...

Wow, Beautiful dance, thank you!!!

And I know what you mean about bad (or mediocre) leaders--I haven't yet ventured into leading (although I really want to try it soon), but I'm bothered by it especially when it is "spirit-less" by people who've been dancing forever, if you know what I mean... ARGH

MilongaCat said...

Hi La Planchadora

"Grumpness!", isn't that what the blogs are for? (just kidding - well almost)

So with the lead you have danced/met, is this another case of "the death by misadventure" on the dance floor?

Loved watching the clip, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Dear Planchadora,

Some atrocities of th
e interwebs to make you feel better:

I realize this is a painting and thus subject to creative liscence, but if such a dress really does exist, I would be appalled:
It is, however, mercifully free of claw marks. Yes, it was the 20s, and this could be much much worse, but lumpy curtains don't make good dresses. the almost visible underwear and the trying-to-be-mysterious-but-in-actuality-very-constipated look on the tangeuro's face can only mean one thing. Tango show! I wonder if Crystal was in on the costuming for this looks like one of her abom--creations...
oh my goodness...I just don't have any words for this has managed to destroy my mind. The glove/drapes combination is a nice touch though. Not random pieces of boa, but it will do.
technically, this one is "latin," but it is so eye-blindingly aweful, it needs to be shared. I especially like how we can see her underwear (at least she's wearing underwear.)

this little trip into th bowels of costuming has been brought to you by young anonymous commenter.