Friday, December 15, 2006


Sometimes I go to a lesson taught by a visiting or guest dancer, because I love learning new styles and flourishes. You'd never know it to look at me, because my personal style is becoming more and more austere, but that's just because I look best that way until I can get good enough to add embellishments without falling over my own feet. In the meantime, I love watching how other people have interpreted the tango for themselves. It's like the moment in art class where everyone turns their canvas to face the circle and you can see how they interpreted the vase and the four oranges that are sitting on a cardboard box in the middle of the room because your teacher is too cheap to hire a nude model.

That metaphor sort of got away from me. Short version: I like watching guest teachers.

It was not good, and as I watched in horror I realized that if this had been my first lesson I would never have come back to tango. This is a scary thought, but typical of me; this is the same mindset that has convinced me I will never ski again.

Except, seriously? Skiiing is evil.

Anyway. Point being: if you've had a bad first experience with tango, please don't think it's all bad. Find a different teacher and try one lesson with them, just to see if it's a teacher thing. It might bring you back to tango - the warm, parasitic arms of tango - and it's important to learn as much as you can, anyway, just so you can pick out a style that is not evil.

Like skiiing is.

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Cadencia said...

That bad, eh? I wonder about what makes a person not come back to a class, especially after several people didn't come back after the first class I took. Were they put off by our scary, take-no-prisoners teacher? Was it that they thought they'd not be able to do it? Was tango not what they thought it would be? I think I am lucky that I am hard to put off things I want to do, so will put up with a lot in order to do them. I think if I'd had the substitute teacher we had once week I would have been more likely to go find someone else as, although he was good in some ways, he did not exactly fill me with confidence that I would progress very well!!