Thursday, December 07, 2006

Video of the Week 11 - Close Embrace

No, seriously, you guys. This is one of the best examples of close-embrace tango I've ever seen, and sort of throws a broom under anyone who thinks that close embrace is boring. Her FEET! His tiny, tiny turns!

And this serves as a reminder to any leader (myself included) that it's not about having a bunch of fancy figures. The last thirty seconds or so of this vid is more or less the 8-count basic, and it's still stunning because of the precision of the frame, the length of the step, the attention to the music. Who needs more?


Caroline said...

My favourite part of this wonderful video is as she's walking backwards, she twists her knees to the side (about halfway through the video) - know which part I mean? I think she did that twice. I dont know why but each time she does that and I've seen this video about 50 times by now, such a small detail like that gives me thrills.

Seven Beauties said...

Yep, seen it a million times, can't ever get enough. Strangely I never even thought of it as close-embrace. Thanks for calling attention to that.

Doug Fox said...


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