Monday, August 20, 2007


Campeonato, baby!

Second round of the Milonga division. I have my favorites; do you?

(I also have some least favorites that make me question how they managed to squeak through into the second round, though what I can find of the first round is inconclusive and so I can't see how good the pool was prior to this.)

(This is, of course, on the context of Best Milonga Couple in the World; any social leader could look like any one of these guys and that would be absolutely fine with me. Aaaaabsolutely fine.)

PS. My favorite couple won. Yay! (I had no idea what their names were, and had to identify them by their outfits. I am clearly very knowledgeable. They're the couple in tan/leopard.)

PPS. These guys had to perform for the judging panel of: Marta Anthon, El Flaco Dany, Aurora Lubiz, Julio Balmaceda, Graciela Gonzalez, Teté, Gachi Fernandez and Juan Fernandez.

HAHAHAHAHAAHA how did they manage to even dance in front of that panel? If confronted with all those people, I would have a heart attack and die. And then worry they would critique my death technique. I am having a panic attack just looking at that list of names.


La Tanguera said...

Oh, cool!!!! Love milonga, so, I'm as excited as you are... and fully agree on the panel, needless to say!!!

I also love the winners... they are great. Couple #66 (she's in a flowery dress) is also pretty good, IMHO...

miss tango in her eyes said...

We saw some of the competitors perform Sunday night at Porteño y lack of words here, should sum it up nicely.

Thought of you when I spotted one of your favorites Flaco Dany.