Friday, July 14, 2006

Eleventh Lesson

I am attempting to learn milonga. It's a faster version of the standard tango; fewer fancy steps are used, but the "simple" steps that are used have to be executed like gunshots.

After one lesson, these are my notes.

I have to have a more welcoming embrace, keep my head up, never shift my weight on my own, walk right-left-right no matter what's going on, know what the leader is going to do but ignore his embellishments, tilt my wrist towards the leader, curve my back, stick my ass out, breathe after a quick-quick-slow combo, walk on my whole fot (80% ball/20% heel), pivot faster, pivot less, step only on the beat except when the leader is dictating the beat to me, at which point I am supposed to ignore the music and only follow that, keep my feet out of her way without leaning in to her, keep my toes pointed, keep my feet rolled in with my heels to the sky and my instep to the ground, keep my upper body facing the leader and dissociated with my hips (which should be able to swivel 90 degrees without my upper body moving), and relax.

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