Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Twelfth Lesson

Spent Sunday night at a milonga without taking a lesson first - new for me - and ended up talking more than I danced. (Did have five or so great partners, though, so it was quality over quantity. Works for me.)

What I was told:

1. Only lonely people, or people who are planning to be lonely soon, come to tango. When a married couple walks in the door of a tango class, it's a harbinger of divorce. (I haven't seen this happen, but apparently it's widespread.)

2. Never fall in love with someone on the tango scene; it will inevitably get messy and people will smirk at you behind your back.

3. You will inevitably fall in love anyway.

What I think:

1. I don't think I'm particularly lonely, but I do see the appeal of a subculture. It's just Trekkies with nicer shoes. I am apparently going to get a nickname if I stay very long. I am duly excited.

2. This is excellent advice.

3. Yep.

1 comment:

miss tango in her eyes said...

I have yet to get a nickname...it´s been 3 years!