Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thirteenth Lesson

A night of technique.

Why do I tilt? What am I, the fucking Titanic? Shoulders even.

Ass out does not mean gut out. Suck that in. No one wants to see that.

In fact, people want to see about 20 pounds less of that. Get started.

Why are you changing feet? There is NO excuse for that. It's unforgivable. You stay on the foot you're put on, and if he wants to hang out there all night you hang out. You have practice shoes on, they're comfy. Take a break. File your nails. Catch up on that newspaper article you meant to read. Just do it without moving from the foot he put you on.

Change your weight WITHOUT TILTING . What the hell is the matter with you.

Shoulders back.

No, more.



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