Thursday, July 27, 2006

If You're Going to Climb a Mountain, Bring Chapstick.

Early on I was told I need a backpack, because toting everything I needed was going to give me a bad back. "Sure," I said, "someday." It was just an extra pair of shoes, right? I could tote a pair of shoes.

This morning I realized that I have the following in my bag:

- face wash that doubles as shower gel
- moisturizer (one face, one body)
- makeup bag (concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, gloss)
- face wipes
- antiperspirant
- perfume (not real perfume, I'm allergic, but the fake Body Shop stuff)
- two pairs of underwear
- two pairs of socks
- an extra shirt
- extra gaucho pants
- tango shoes
- practice shoes
- a tango dress (it takes up the same space as the socks, which is frightening)
- three pairs of earrings
- notebook and pen
- keys, phone, wallet, camera, and ipod shoved into a tiny pocket in the front.

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