Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tenth Lesson

Unfortunate tango lessons.

1) You cannot wear a circle skirt. Two ochos and the world knows what color underpants you're wearing.

2) You have practice shoes for a reason. Wear them. Putting on heels at7pm and expecting to be able to dance at 11:30 is just insanity.

3) Speaking of which, if you're going to keep dancing four and a half hours a night you might just want to give up on the heels entirely.

4) Yes, I know they're hot shoes. That doesn't matter.

5) When your friends ask if you're meeting anyone nice, they mean young, good-looking men, not the 60something with whom you dance divinely. Tango attractiveness is a different animal.

6) No one can make you feel like a bad dancer without your permission, unless you trip them, in which case you are clearly a bad dancer and should be flogged.

7) On the other hand, should the man say"Let's try this incredibly fast milonga, hang on!" preceding said tripping, the outburst is considered an extenuating circumstance in Dance Court.

8) I am beginning private lessons this week. I can hardly sleep nights.

9) I love writing again. It's now my mistress and not my wife. The thrill is back!

10) Stupid, stupid shoes.

1 comment:

Jaq said...

Those shoes have clearly got more than a 1" heel. Really.

Once I am having lessons, you must come visit and we can fight over who is going to lead... ;)