Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good news, bad news, bad shoes.

Good news: I love leading. Not quite as much as following a good leader (following a good leader is indescribable and total rewardingpants), but I like leading much, much more than following a bad leader. See previous posts wherein I am a bastardy grump.

Bad news: I have to fix. When you're a follower and there's a disconnect in the step, your job is to wait until he fixes. When you're leading, you actually have to figure out how to fix it.

Good news: this doesn't happen a lot since my style is currently so simple that it's hard for me to fuck up.

Bad news: my style is really simple. I need to step it up with the tango vocabulary. I know about 30 steps, but I trust myself to effectively lead about 7. Time to hit practica. Musicality is all well and good, but it's one thing to be simple on purpose and another thing to be simple because you don't know better. It's the difference between Ernest Hemingway and a second-grader.

Good news: 90% of missteps can be fixed by walking to the cross.

Bad news: Walking to the cross is one of my 7 steps. They're on to me!

Good news: My following has also improved a ton; either my balance is getting better or I'm getting better at reading a lead and knowing where my foot has to be. I'll take either one!

Bad news: What works for the follower (hip embellishments, let's say) does not always work for the leader. It's okay, you can laugh. I certainly did the last time I caught myself in the mirror with salsa hips. Note to self: just because it's D'Arienzo doesn't mean your ass can be shaking all over.

Good news: My hip embellishments are looking great!

Bad news: My nice shoes are languishing, since it's impossible to switch in and out of them all night long when I'm doing about 50/50 leading and following.

Good news: The arch of my right foot, which had been a little sore following weeks of training in toe-pointing and instep-resting, is feeling much better. Yay breaks!

Bad news: I need leading shoes desperately. I'm leading in little jazz shoes and it's just not feasible.

Good news: A lot of comfortable shoes are suitable for both leading and following!

Bad news: These shoes exist.

Good news: They're out of stock!

Bad news: That means PEOPLE BOUGHT THEM.


Debbi said...

Uhm... WOW!!!! Those shoes are spectacularly hideous! And it simply proves my theory that the general populace has spectacularly hideous fashion sense.
But yea you on the leading! :)

Tina said...

I think they are kind of cool in a weird way. I would wear them with cuffed jeans and fishnet knee highs.

miss tango in her eyes said...

Tina didn´t say that, I did. She didn´t log her self of my computer!
Naughty Tina!

We were talking about you yesterday and wondering when you are going to make your appearance in BA.

La Planchadora said...

Haha, hi miss tango!

I will make an appearance in Bs As when I am a much, much better dancer than I am now. ;)

Debbi said...

Sooo, met someone this weekend who was wearing those shoes!!! Almost chocked on my dinner when I saw them and immediately thought of you. I met one of those people who created the shortage of those adidas meets stiletto meets bowling lane shoes. Amazing.
And not in that good way...