Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's like Batman!

If Batman danced tango. In four-inch heels. (Metaphor, you win again!)

I'm sitting at my office, my backpack tucked under my desk behind me, and I can feel my tango shoes radiating with Hypnotoad sounds. It's hilarious, because I keep looking around as if the shoe police is going to come after me asking what I'm doing with fantastic stilettos in my bag and orthopedic loafers on my feet.

Yeah, I have orthopedic loafers. Wore them before tango, and it makes sense now more than ever. Sure, I look like a second-grade teacher, but I wear them with pride! And striped socks.

But there's something awesome about a hidden life, Batman-style, even if I'm dispensing ochos instead of justice. I almost wish that the Buenos Aires idea of afternoon milongas would penetrate North America. It would be fantastic to break for lunch at 2pm, run out of my office, and dance for an hour, only to show up at my office again with one sock missing or something. I'd be more grist for the rumor mill than already exists!

(I bring entire changes of clothes, a Dopp kit, and extra shoes to work now. God only knows what everyone's thinking when I pick up my overnight bag every night and head out the door.

Hopefully something really awesome involving Goran Visnjic, whom I love even though he has better hair than I do.)


miss tango in her eyes said...

Maybe you could swap your socks for fishnet stockings to wear with your orthopedics.

La Planchadora said...

It's genius! GENIUS!

They're totally worth it (they support my high arches blah blah blah ) but man, fashion-wise there's just not a lot happening, you know?