Tuesday, April 17, 2007


There's an actual post on the way soon (probably), but in the meantime, AXIS:

Also, the smile on his face is like a kid riding a bike with new baseball cards in the spokes.

(photo from the Berlin Tango Festival; I'm totally in love with their photos of these two.)


Anonymous said...

Now that is a great picture for Tango-it says "Wow this is sooooooo much fun!" I'd love to dance with a guy like that!

Tina said...

They are a cute couple aren't they. And they are coming to Seattle soon.
I will take a lesson with them for sure, because my boyfriend/dance partner is totally milonguero, which is my preference, so as a result I'm all forward (but still on axis) and it is getting tough to dance with others who are a lot more on-axis...
I tell ya, the more I dance tango the more I realize I need to learn.