Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Possible Reasons Why I Am Not Tangoing Lately.

* I have decided to take up the polka. Beginner classes every Wednesday at the Senior Center! oh HAAAAY!

* The news that Irishman Jonathan Rhys Meyers has gone into rehab (for drinking, shockingly) has left me too upset to concentrate on anything.

* My day job eats up a lot of my time and energy.

* I've been abducted by walruses. (Walrii? But don't think my ignorance of the plural means this isn't a viable option. You never know.)

* My residence was a big fat mess and I had to deal with it.

* Someone else's residence was a big fat mess and I had to deal with. (What? I'm very helpful!)

* I haven't had much to write about, tango-wise.

Take your pick. They're all about equally true, except the walrus one, which is triple-true.


Caroline said...

Polka at the Senior Center?! That's different...could make for great stories.
I thought of another word ending in "us" that could end in "i" plural but nah, I'm not sure anyone would get it.
But you're still tango-ing, right?

Anonymous said...

JRM is in rehab? How ironic.

miss tango in her eyes said...

I missed out on those headlines! Apparently rehab is quite trendy these days. A friend of mine met a washed up childstar in rehab, and became his roommate for a few months. He seems to go at least twice a year.