Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Private Dancer.


/ Tina Turner.

Earlier this week I had a private lesson (following), and it was one of those lessons you kick yourself for ever postponing, because if I had had that lesson six months ago I'd be a much better dancer now. It was all axis and balance work, Corina-style, except I look a lot less like Corina than a picture of Corina that's been all crumpled up so the spine is all wonky and twisted and the posture is bad. Not any more, though! Or at least, I have no more excuses, since, you know, I was told how to do it correctly. It's broken down the way I think about walking on a practically molecular level, to the point that walking around my office today is a Karate-Kid-level effort. Come on, Planchadora-san!

With any luck, eventually I will subsume all the blahblah and just walk nicely.

Also, I was so petrified of being socially unacceptable that I went out and bought perfume so I wouldn't smell bad. It went on light, fresh, yet soft and edible. Then it dried, and I smelled like tropical air freshener. Dear Bath and Body Works, reconsider your summer line, maybe. Just saying.


Caroline said...

That's how I always feel after a private lesson - "Why didn't I do this months ago?! Whyohwhyohwhy?"

Bath and Body Works, eh? I got something from Fruits and Passion called Orchid - that seemed to be a big hit.
Could never stand the fruity ones like Strawberry-Mango or even worse, anything Vanilla. Nor when guys wear that expensive trendy cologne that smells like cucumber peels.

La Planchadora said...

I'm totally the opposite - I can't stand anything flowery, musky, woodsy, etc. Not a big fan of vanilla either, but can't handle "regular" perfumes. They just make me cough. ON the other hand, Bath and Body Works smells like gummi bears, so there has to be a happy medium. I shall find it!

Some guys wear cologne so bitter it literally smells like garbage. And it seems to be very, very popular. Ralph Lauren is pulling a big one over on us, I'm telling you.

Debbi said...

Bath and Body works = bad
L'Occitane = good!
Their fragrances are light and natural, and even though they are a little pricey, you use about a fourth of what you would normally use so it actually last longer. they have a green tea fragrance that just smells bright and clean, a lavender fragrance that is soft and mild, and a verbena that is bright and cheery. Although their florals are FLORALS as in hit you in the face when you put them on, but then again I am not a fan of flowery smells.

But as far as the private goes, yea you!

La Planchadora said...

It was the only store within reach! I'll never do it again! I don't even wear perfume! Stupid air freshener. ;)

Tina said...

I had a date with a guy a few years ago, who wore a cologne that smelled exactly like this Italian mosquito repellent I use. Yeah. Um. No.

As long as you're showering and wearing effective deodorant, I wouldn't worry so much about the perfume. Hate when it dries to turn into air freshener.

Danzarin said...

This comment is not about parfume, nor is it about the private lesson you had. It is about your writing style. I love it! It makes me laugh. Out loud:)
Thank you

Anonymous said...

But some men like air freshners and household cleaners, since they tend to smell like PineSol themselves.