Monday, April 30, 2007


Okay, this is cheating and I'm planning a big post later, I swear, but who can resist a little stalking?

Oh Julio and Corina, if you knew of my existence, which you don't, would you love me as much as I love you guys? Think it over and get back to me.


tangospeak said...

I almost went for a class with them in BsAs when I was there. I should have gone! Damnit.

La Tanguera said...


Not sure if cheating or not... we are all waiting for a big post (I'm certainly a huge fan!), but I really think your stalking of J&C is a positive influence on all of us. You are making me a great admirer of them--not that I wasn't, but with a number of Tango Gods and Goddesses to venerate, it's always possible to get the attention deflected... you're just helping us bring it back to where it deserves to be.