Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shoe Shopping

We have returned victorious!

Cadencia wanted to buy a pair of proper shoes (I'm adopting the phrase "proper shoes" because it takes less time to say than "shoes that aren't clumpy"), and I was more than happy to support her in this fantastic habit, so off we went to the nearest ballroom store.

I had been concerned that they would have no real tango shoes, but the sight of some NeoTangos reassured me.

'We'll start with the NeoTangos," I told Cadencia.

"They're sold out," said the salesgirl.

"Then we start with these," I said, awash with indecision, and grabbed at the first open-toe I saw. (Closed-toe shoes may look safer, but they pinch your toes and then your feet get all crooked and your pinky toe disappears. Peep-toe, people: think of the pinkies!)

Turns out that brand worked out pretty well, and after only two pairs of shoes, she found The Ones: a pretty high heel that was still stable enough for ochos, black suede, ankle strap, peep-toe with a few slick little cutouts in the front that looked very chichi and helped the shoe mold right to her foot. She stood sideways in the mirror and grinned. Winners.

She swore those were enough for the moment, but she'd come in her suitcases with enough room for two pair, so I know this is the beginning of a slippery slope. I expect at any moment to hear she's scuttled a pair of NeoTangos across the Altantic.

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