Thursday, November 16, 2006

Video of the Week 8 - Sonja Armisen

This video is an example of Tango Fusion, a style that I'm pretty sure Sonja Armisen herself invented. (I couldn't find evidence to the contrary, but if you're reading this and you totally started Tango Fusion first, let me know!) It's a style of tango designed for electronica, and can be danced either alone or with a partner, as this video demonstrates. Alone, it looks like a pumped-up tangorobics class; with a partner it's Extreme Open Embrace.

Lest you think she's an upstart, take a look at that technique. Her supporting leg is like a steel pipe. Clearly she knows what's up.

(I also love the aggressive style shown here. While it clearly doesn't work in social dance to be attacking your leader, it adds a little rough-and-ready, I think. Yay shoving!)

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