Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Video of the Week 10 - Tango Competition, Final Round

I love this video. I love this video like a fat kid loves cake.

There's nothing flashy here. It's not a lot of sacadas or colgadas or lifting the girl over your head. Every one of these couples keeps the feet low to the ground at all times; when the woman does embellishments, they're understated, maybe angling the foot a little when waiting for the next step.

What got all these people to the final round is clearly their walking, their impeccable ankles, and their musicality.

If I can lead like this someday, I'll be happy not knowing a bunch of fancy moves.


josefina said...

Got to say wonderfully danced great pick! wish I had that beautiful grace each of those women do.

La Planchadora said...

Josefina - Tell me about it! My heart aches when I watch this clip. But it's heartening that you don't have to be an 18-year-old to dance tango!