Friday, February 23, 2007


Tonight I tango, and the worries of the work week will be immediately replaced by worries about my axis and my ankles! ...yay?

Speaking of axis, though, I saw this photo on Flickr (I am totally online-stalking Corina and Julio, you guys, it's embarrassing) and had to post it:

First of all, even though this is a still picture I feel like they were valsing - she has vals-face on. Second of all, her axis in this picture is just UNREAL. As is his, frankly. And their joint axis. So really, the lesson here is Axis.

(Nice shoes, too, Corina!)

Huge thanks to PeterForret, who posted this picture on Flickr and made my Friday.


Danzarin said...

What a beautiful picture! You are right, eventhough its a photo, you can feel the movement in it. Its wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Caroline said...

they are a perfect example of how posture should be - upright!

am I the only one who makes little nonsensical chants about tango? like "tango time! tango time! dun, dun, tango time!" TGIF, eh?

La Planchadora said...

Haha! I totally do that. Only mine is the Rocky-theme-song version of "Don Juan" by di Sarli.