Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One of many posts today, but by far the most crotchtastic.

My plan is to buckle down and post a lot today, since I actually have some things to say that are not quite related enough for one post. However, I always say that and then I end up staring at one line of text for three hours, so what do I know?

Actually, I DO know that this picture has to be one of the most unfortunate tango publicity shots ever:

The questions posed by this picture are a veritable Da Vinci code of bad ideas. Is she caught in his fly? Why does he look like Michael McKean? Where do you rent a waiter's tux and who let him do that for a photo shoot? Do they KNOW that it looks like she's caught in his fly? Who reversed the shot? (If the shot isn't reversed, the next question is: how do you lead in lace gloves?) What photographer allowed a shot that looked like she got caught in his fly?

I feel as if 80% of the questions I get about my dancing from people who don't dance relate to this picture, since this is the general public's collective image of tango. Nothing wrong with that, stage tango can be awesome, but I have a feeling my office imagines that after work I grease back my hair, slap on some lace gloves, and march into the night.

Upside: for all I tease her accesories, this woman has not been attacked by a wild animal.


Debbi said...

Uhmmm... yikes! Speaking as someone who costumes for a living and has styled many many publicity shots, all I can say is "oh boy...." My guess is that they did not hire a stylist, that has got to be one of the worst composed shots I have ever seen. But true enough, at least her dress was not ravaged by rabid ferrets on caffeine....

miss tango in her eyes said...

Thankfully, she is also wearing underwear.

Caroline said...

I would dearly love to see a couple dare try out that move on the dance floor. Hee ee.