Sunday, February 04, 2007

Video of the Week: Disturbing Prodigy Children

These kids are amazing. There are a few moments of choreography that are a little over the top and remind me of that time in fourth grade we put on a play about the dangers of drugs and one kid had to give the big monologue about how his brother died from marijuana. However, these kids are already totally astounding. I mean, seriously.

It's a little reassuring to know that I will never be as good at tango as these kids already are. No, seriously. Her axis is unreal.

ETA: Okay, she's eleven and he's ten. YEARS OLD. And they choreographed this themselves. PRODIGY CHILDREN.

(I'm sure every kid in Buenos Aires can dance like this. I'm still amazed.)


miss tango in her eyes said...

How does one die from smoking marijuana? Eating a bad combination of Doritos and Oreos topped with marshmallow fluff¿

La Planchadora said...

What a fantastic question. None of us could figure it out, either, but the teacher assured us it happened all the time. ;)