Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Video of the Week - A Tango Lesson

See, this is the kind of video that makes me sit up and thank YouTube. As much as I adore the performances, things like this are endlessly useful, and the steady cameraman here has put the focus on the feet. Yay! No huge heads in the way of interesting footwork! (There is that one guy who makes a panicked run for it right in the middle, but I sort of love him, so we're giving him a pass.)

This girl rocks an embellishment, too. Obviously not a lot of milongas give you that kind of floor space, but this kind of playing around with walks and paradas and stuff is definitely interesting to me. Plus, hot shoes!


Cherie said...


Love your blog, but not the video clip, sorry. I've been dancing so long that now I'm very critical (which takes away a lot of the fun).

The music is Pugliese, so sexy and romantic, and they dance like robots. She's so busy doing so damned much stuff with her feet, it's like he's chopped liver. PLUS it has absolutely nothing to do with the music.

End of rant.

La Planchadora said...

Hi Cherie!

No need to apologize; not like you're dissing on Corina de la Rosa or anything! ;)

The music never entered into my selecting this clip at all, as much as I hate to admit ignoring the music in any tango clip. I focused solely on how one would lead a woman into the steps - the angle of the feet, the length of the step, etc. It's definitely emotionless, but their technique is solid, and my followers deserve everything I can give them, so I study u pin the hopes of spicing up the tango vocabulary with a little somethin' for the ladies. Hi-oh! ;)