Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bulletin: Feet!

Still traveling, sending you this report from the field:

Alicia Pons has some of the most amazing feet in the world. (This means the expression of the two feet she was born with, and not some disembodied collection of feet in her basement or something, that's not what I'm implying.)

For women wondering about alternatives to the Geraldine style, check this out; just as skillful, and probably a lot easier to use on the social dance floor since a lot of it is about musicality and pointing the toes and not so much about the kicking. I love the kicking, don't get me wrong, but this stuff is a lot less risky, and it's so elegant. I mean, just look.


Anonymous said...

wow, absolutely breathtaking...

Cherie said...

OK, I gotta say, that yes, she has "beautiful feet," but it's too much! Her partner looks like a prop to hold her up while she's doing all those adornos--he doesn't dance at all! He could have phoned it in.

This is supposed to be estilo milonguero where the point is the music and connection, not showing off pretty feet, as pretty as hers are.

La Planchadora said...

Hi Cherie,

The video diescription on YouTube marks it as a demo in one of her classes; I would figure this was a workshop on adornos, etc.

Tina said...

Alicia Pons is amazing and graceful, my greatest inspiration.

She also turns out some good leads... if you ever dance with a guy who has studied with her, you'll melt.

Mi Amor was studying privately with her in Buenos Aires before I came down to be with him, and man oh man did she do something good to his dancing... he was finally really dancing with me, for me, totally feeling the music through me, and it was lovely.

My other favorite lead in Seattle, has mostly just studied with her (in Argentina) and he's just... wow.

La Tanguera said...

Dear Planch,

Many thanks for posting this!!! Amazing! And you are right--doesn't hurt to have several sources of inspiration to drink from (Alicia, Corina... are good examples).

Have fun in the wild...!