Monday, May 07, 2007

Video of the Week: Holy Poo!

You guys, this girl is SIX. YEARS OLD.

I would have shown you earlier today, but I was in the fetal position crying because I will never, ever, ever be as good as THIS SIX YEAR OLD.

I mean, she can also probably read and build sand castles, which means I can't beat her in ANYTHING. This six-year-old has left me in the dust. Thanks a lot, small person!

I should have made this a shout-out on Father's Day, but my father never taught me to tango, so I'm all mad and don't want to wait.


La Tanguera said...


I guess I have to post to say that I'm speechless. Wow.

Cadencia said...

Seriously? 'Cos I got nuffink here.


Debbi said...

That is quite possibly the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life! Imagine when she is 16 she will have been dancing tango for over 10 years already!!! Although I feel for her future partners, because no one will live up to daddy, that's for sure!
Wow.... Kids are amazing....

tangospeak said...

TanGuillo said...

Amazing! Where was that exhibition? Because I think I know that guy... Anyway here in Argentine, is not unusual that kids dance tango, (spam ahead: im my site I have some videos from the VIII tango championship where you can see that) but this girl is very good. I specially liked an adorno that she made almost in the beginning of the dance: beautifull and hard to master even for the milongueras. And I love how she continuously try to look to his father face... Not easy, if you are half of your partner size.
Probably this will be controversial, but debbi, if you want to see how is she gonna dance when she is 16, you might
have to look Geraldine Rojas. She is dance since child too, and she doesn't waste her time.
Well girls, you have to practice real hard. The new generation of dancer seems very skill. We men are lucky that you need more strength that a child has to lead a women ;-)
Really great site planchadora. I love your sense of humor.