Thursday, May 17, 2007

A History of Tango Music.

...not really, though. Come on. Is that the kind of thing I do? That requires research. And I have done some research, but most of it was pizza research (conclusion: I like mushrooms).

Nevertheless, I am in possession of the following facts:

1) Tango songs are generally depressing.
2) There are usually instruments involved.

As evidence of these facts, I offer any tango lyrics ever, and the fact that a capella tango is kind of thin on the ground.

(No, seriously, tango lyrics. Canaro's "Poema", pretty much the sweetest, most profoundly romantic tango song ever recorded, that has as its pivotal lyric:

"And at my sad goodbye, you too will know the sensation of my pain!"

I mean, seriously.)

So, I'll work on a little history of tango music looking only for songs that are 1) depressing and 2) usually accompanied by music.

A History of Tango Music, Parts 1 and 2 of 34,985

1. Corpus Christi Carol, 15th cen.

Lyric sample:

"Lullay lullay, lullay lullay,
A falcon hathe borne my mate away...

By that bedside there kneeleth a maid,
And she weepeth both night and day."

What makes it tango: Somebody's dead and/or borne away by a humungous predatory bird! Sounds like tango to me.

Playable?: Dunno. Does anyone have a lute hanging around?

2. Alf Leyla Way Leyla, Arabic trad.

Lyric Sample:

"The night and its sky, its stars, its moon, and keeping awake all night.
You and me my sweetheart, my life."

What makes it tango:
Are we sure this isn't a tango? Can someone check up on Echague on this?

No, seriously, are we sure this isn't a tango?

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La Tanguera said...


LOL, as usual!!!! (Love your posts!!)

You are absolutely right, all those sad lyrics around the world... one is bound to find a zillion of to be tangos... ;-)