Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Planchadora Rips Into Commenters, Part 2 in a Series.

So, a gentleman posted in a comment to a video of two women dancing, qualifying women leaders on criteria other than "ability" and "body odor". And he had the very bad judgement to do so on my blog.

I think you'll agree with me when I say: Mistake!

For those who don't want to go scrolling all over, the comment in its entirety is pasted below:

"She leads very well, she have great musicality (in milonga!), and she is hot... I dont know if i have to feel threatened by her (and her kind of girls) or just excited about such dancers.
But I know one thing: I REALLY want to dance with her sometime. Probably it will be a little difficult, because I find that women who often leads aren't "flexible" (I can think in a better word) in her follow. But it sure must be a pleasure =).
I use to think that women who leads don look good, but some girls I knew, prove me wrong.
Great video!"

Now, this gentleman commented to an earlier post and made it known he's Argentine, so I'm not going to ding him on grammar or anything, because let's face it, I can ding his content plenty.

1) The "hot girl" in question is Silvina Valz, frequent and favored performance partner of Flaco Dany. I've been lucky enough to take some of her classes.

Dude? You should feel threatened.

2) Who else loves the idea that because she's hot, she's not as threatening as some more mannish women leaders? That's pretty awesome. (See #1.)

3) Women who lead aren't as "flexible" if they lead regularly. Interesting thought. I'm not going to conjecture the word he meant, because I think he means "pliable" and that would make me spitting mad, so we'll give him a pass here.

I would like to point out, however, that 99% of professional female tango dancers know how to lead, for teaching purposes if for nothing else, and they're probably flexible enough to suit most people. If this isn't enough, I'd like to refer the statement about "frequent female leading = bad following" to Fabienne Bongard, Sharna Fabiano, Rebecca Shulman, Valeria Solomonoff, andBrigitta Winkler, members of the all-female tango troupe Tango Mujer, and not bad as followers go.

Dude? See #1.


TanGuillo said...

First of all: Ouch!
Second: Yes, I have a very bad english, and usually I apologize for that when I post a comment, but after a lots of comments you sometimes just skip it. I bet your spanish is great. And by the way, when people in my blog post comment that have grammatical mistakes, I try to correct them before I publish it, I dont mock at them. Even if they speak spanish as native language.
Third: Probably because my lousy english I really dont get this:"qualifying women leaders on criteria other than 'ability' and 'body odor'" ?. I really do that?
Fourth: Yes, Im Argentine, but no, I dont know her name, even If I probably look at her dancing with el flaco Dany. How bad is that?
Five: Actually all things about being threatening was a joke and try to be a compliment to Silvina. Once again, probably because my bad english I don' get why are you talking about "mannish women leaders" (Yes, I know what mannish is, but still dont get it, I'm sorry).
Six: In fact, no, the word was not "pliable", but yes, I choose a bad word (Hey, I don't knew that my comment will be post in the front page!). Is not easy for me to explain what I really meant (remember my lame english?) but I will try it: for me a great follower is that one who, (besides have musicality, elegance, and all the things that both partners need), adapts perfectly to the lead of her partner. I take a seminar with Javier Rodriguez who is a excellent leader and follower (go to "la marshall" sometime and you will see it) and he says that clearly: "The follower never embrace the leader. Is the leader who embrace and the follower who adapts".Thats the thing that the truly milongueras have. Doesn't matter if they dance with a Villa Urquiza style guy or a guy who dance canyengue. They just have the sensibility, balance and flexibility? to follow him, and enjoy it. No, the word is not "pliable". Please let me know what word really is.
Seven: What Im talking about is my own experience. Most of the girls that dance regularly as leaders, lack of that sensibility and need a very specific lead, or they feel uncomfortable. That for me, makes them not as good as followers. Is the same with some girls who only dance with the best milongueros: some of them, after a while, need a perfect lead, or they just cant dance well. A great milonguera could dance with anyone (even if she prefer not to do it) . Thats why, for example, Geraldine Rojas is so amazing: She can dance with Gavito and Ezequiel Paludi, and each of man can use his style without change it. And yes, is the same too when a man dance with a less experienced girl and loose his balance. To be a great leader you must no only make your partner feel nice, but also you must be prepared to handle some mistakes or "disagreements" (no, I dont know a better word, so sue me). Of course I don't had the pleasure to dance with all-female tango troupe Tango Mujer, and some great leaders as Dana Frígoli. Maybe when I do that, I will change my mind. In the meantime, speaking of the leaders/followers that I know, I will express what I feel, sorry is that bothers you.
Eight: Amazing place where you live, because even here in Buenos Aires, the women who teach and know how to lead (no some make some steps, but lead) aren't the 99% of all. Probably 50%, at most (Not Geraldine, not Andrea Misse, Not Mora Godoy). And I can assure you that. I live here.
Nine: To be honest, I think is not fare to post my comment in your front page without give me the oportunity of answer your objections properly. But hey, Its your blog, your rules.
Ten: Even with all I say before, I maintain what I say in my previous comment: Your blog is actually very good and one of the funniest around. Too bad we start with the wrong foot. But I hit the frontpage! Ja, not many of your readers can say that.


Anonymous said...

A true story to attempt to redeem (some) male dancers:

The background. I'm a female that more-than-occasionally leads. As a result of this, most men who don't know me relatively well or have not danced with me in the past are much less likely to ask me to dance than they are my follower-only friends.

The actual story: a while ago, on one of those nights where it seemed like men were particularly adament in avoiding me, as I started the night with a few tandas with a female friend, I was dancing with one of my absolute favourite people in the world to dance with (he was, incidently, the only non-female I danced with that particular evening). Amazing embrace, great musicality, wonderful simplicity of movement, perfect gentleman too. Basically the kind of dancer that can instantly cure a bad night. Not only did he compliment me on my leading, but he asked me to show him how to lead some combination that I apparently did differently than the way he was used to. I was still beaming like an idiot two days after, something which the non-tango people in my life failed to comprehend.

And that's my happy story. It was a very good night. :)

Nick said...

Hi Planchadora,
I,m new to tango, about 18 months. I've been reading your blog for a few months. Very enjoyable and informative.

Kind regards,


Ana said...

Yes Dude, you should be threaten.
I (female, leading for the lack of leaders) am threaten as well, as got my best tango leading and following a woman and as some followers started to ask me leading them.

It's not only a joke for sorrow.

La Planchadora said...


At no point have I said anything bad about your English - in my post I specifically made clear that it was your content I was objecting to, not the style.

I would never edit a comment; people post what they'd like to say, and it's not up to me to alter their words. That's censorship, and it makes me uncomfortable. If I'm going to post a comment, I post the whole thing as written.

And I have to point out that you posted a comment in a public blog. I didn't publicize a private email, and your comment never mentioned anything about wanting to be kept private. It's fair game.

As for everything else, you're entitled to your opinion!

Glad you like the blog - congrats on making the main page. ;)