Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stalking gets me through the week.

No fooling.

It's everyone's favorite victims-o-stalkin', Julio y Corina!

My favorite thing here is the musicality - with the exception of a few awesome back sacadas that Julio can do because he's Julio and you're not, it's all just walking/crossing/ochoing/giroing, but the way they both clearly know the song, they way he comes back to refrains in the steps, and the way he bobs his left hand around like he's having SO MUCH FUN he just can't hold still, which would make me want to smack anyone else, but since he's my BFF I'll let it go.


Debbi said...

Now THAT is dancing!!!
*sigh*.... I know what I want for Christmas this year...... that dance!

La Tanguera said...


I agree with you that the musicality of these two is out of this planet (and striking in this particular piece). Loved the sacadas, the "colgaditas", the fun they are having and the great ending. Superb! Thank you!