Tuesday, May 29, 2007


There's been a tango festival in Denver going on for the past, like, month and a half, and NOBODY had pictures of Julio and Corina until just now! How can I stalk them when I have nothing to work with, I ask you?

I am still in Town That is Not My Usual Town. I haven't had a chance to dance yet, but my stilettos are on my desk so that I look at them and get wistfully antsy, so I think tomorrow I'm taking the plunge.

P.S. I have nothing as nice as Corina does to wear, either. Where does she find these great clothes? In every picture and every clip I have ever seen, she has on this fantastic, classy outfit. Does she shop at Amazing, Flattering, Flowing Clothes, Inc.?

Picture by Alex.Tango.Fuego

I could not love this moment more, when he's committed his full intent to the step, and the axis is shifting and she's moving with it. Plus, her forehead against his cheek is like a painting. Just, awesome, awesome stuff.

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Tina said...

They came to Seattle, I forgot my camera, they danced beautifully and made me happy, someone was filming them and took pictures, and I haven't seen them up yet but as soon as I do you'll get a link. :-) whew. Talk about a run-on sentence. But anyway, I thought of you.