Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tango - A Photo Essay.

Okay, a brief photo essay about tango.

This is social tango.

This is stage tango.

The End

The difference? Visible underpants. I don't want to see any underpants, people. I mean it. It's not that kind of dance floor.

All photos from Flickr: here, here, here, here, here, here.


24tango said...

I am not sure what has brought this on. Like yourself, I take genuine pleasure in dancing a social tango.

However if I were to pass a comment on the visible underpants in some stage tango shows, I might add that they are not a pre-requisite. This is despite the fact that some couples when performing stage tango feel showing off underpants to be an unavoidable task.

The conclusion on whether they are a pleasure or horror to see by the viewers/audience, still depends on the pants being displayed, and of course the person who sports them at the time of viewing!!!

Thank you once again for making me smile,


Anonymous said...

But the visible undergarments, surely they help detract attention from some of the ever so lovely dresses that are worn on stage. Surely one cannot be shocked and appalled by both the undergarment and dress simultaneously. It is like one is told in grade school: imagine people in their underwear and the situation is instantly less awkward. The performers are obviously looking out for the comfort and wellfare of their audience, for is one is staring at a pair of panties, one cannot be wondering why the tanguera is dressed in the desecrated remains of a slaughtered drag queen (aka a certain blue and white number with those lovely strands of boa serving as a skirt). It is pure genuis, I tell you.

miss tango in her eyes said...

Oh let me tell you, sometimes or should I say often, there is visible underpants in social tango. See through pants seem to be quite popular here!